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Lydia Grace Kathleen Price

25.07.1998 – 23.01.2012

On Monday 23rd January we sadly lost Lydia. She was one of a kind and ever so unique. Lydia was a beautiful girl and had a love for funky hairband, bright nail varnish, big funky rings and big handbags! Her aim was to stand out from everybody else. She was a very intelligent girl. She loved her school, Oxford Spires Academy. She spoke very highly of her friends she made there and all her teachers.

Lydia’s main passion in life was music. She was learning to play the piano and playing the guitar. She was an obsessive fan on Michael Jackson. For her it was not just about the music like it was for everyone else it was the lyrics in many songs that meant¬† lot to her and inspired her to dream big. She wanted to change the world and make it a better place. Help kids in Africa have the education that they deserved.¬† She would have gone to Oxford University with the brains she had. She even dreamed of going to University in New York. Just a week prior to her passing she had been looking up ways to get herself there. Any dream she had, she knew the way she was going to accomplish it!

Lydia was also a great writer. She would write all the time. In her notebook, on scrap paper and even in her mobile whenever an idea would pop up into her head. Her mind was always active and creative. Another one of Lydia’s passions was poetry. Lydia had written many of her own poems. They are incredibly in depth and says a lot about the mind of this unique 13 year old.

Lydia lived a very short but inspirational life that will live on in the hearts of her family and close friends. Here we have created a website in memory of Lydia. For everyone to see what an inspiration she really is and to inspire everyone to follow those dreams that they have and desire. We would like to say a huge thanks to Lydia’s friends for all the lovely messages of support. Her school, Oxford Spires Academy, for all their support and memorials to remember Lydia. They have all gone above and beyond my expectations during this difficult time for our family.

Lydia was taken away from us so suddenly and she has left a massive hole in our lives. We will forever have Lydia in our thoughts and in our hearts. She is very much missed by her mum, Kate, and her sisters, Erin and Luvenia. People say time is a healer. Time goes on but nothing will ever make this pain we feel any easier. We love Lydia so very much and just can not imagine our lives without her.

Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this and for visiting our site.

Erin, Kate & Luvenia xx

Hi, I am Lydia’s sister Erin. During the past year i have been through so much and through such a difficult time the inspiration i have gotten from Lydia and her dreams has inspired me to try and help others. Please click on the blog page above that i have recently started about my grief and the loss of Lydia in the past year and will continue to update with updates at present with my family and myself. I have always found that there is never enough support for siblings. I have always been able to find information and support for parents but nothing for the siblings that hurt just as much. If it helps one person i will be comforted. xxx

Lydia in Jamaica